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Set in ancient Egypt between 1070 - 664BC (named Egypt's Third Intermediate Period), play as a deceased soldier-turned-spirit named Kafele brought back into the world of the living by a spirit guide that takes the form of a crow. You must find acceptance in order to move on to the afterlife. 

  • Puzzle x tabletop gameplay: pick a card, select its number, and ensure the numbered rows and columns of a golden space equal that of a target score. Clear over half the grid to beat the level! Randomised grids mean a varied experience with each playthrough
  • Exploratory free roam, walking sim gameplay set in the tomb that houses the sarcophagus of a once-tyrannical Pharaoh
  • Deep, emotional tale of love, loss, and acceptance
  • Varied music and sound effects thematically fitting to ancient Egypt
  • Learn a little bit about the history of ancient Egypt with a sprinkle of the fantastical 


WASD: Directional movement

Mouse movement: Look

Left mouse click: Select card/move card 

Double left mouse click: Confirm card position

Numerical keys (1-9): Set card number

Space key: Set card position/progress dialogue

Esc key: Quit


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